Some people have a keen eye for perfection, but for Toronto-based LIVE sound girl, Julie Nguyen – better known as JulezLIVE in the world of LIVE sound engineering – it is her ears that have gotten her renowned fame and respect. An acute sense of hearing paired with a creative mind for problem solving are just two of the many dominating traits for this young but experienced sound engineer.

Her growing list of past clients and events include the YouTUBE Canada launch party, LG Fashion Week, Juno Awards Media Room, Gemini Awards, The Beat Down Hip-Hop Dance Competition and Academy of Heroes. With crowds that range from 30 to 5000 attendees, JulezLIVE has experience working from the small and intimate events to large grand scale parties and gatherings. She has done LIVE mixing for everything from music artists to fashion shows to corporate events and even government press conferences – that includes touring Canada three times over with federal leaders – however, JulezLIVE is ready to expand her diverse talents into other ventures.

In recent years, JulezLIVE has taken her passion to the next level, stage managing some of Toronto's biggest concerts showcasing local talent and international YouTube sensations. Never forgetting her roots, JulezLIVE is a proud ambassador of her Vietnamese heritage, her involvement in the Vietnamese community includes organizing and overseeing all stage events at the annual Hoi Cho Tet Festival (which brings in world-famous celebrities and singers from Asia at this crowded Lunar New Year celebration).

Having lived and breathed the world of LIVE sound, JulezLIVE believed that there was still more to conquer. Her thirst for adventure has recently been quenched by a dive into the realm of filming and video editing – a natural transition for such an audio and visually trained professional. Her videos quickly became popular with each upload, working with the support of established YouTube stars such as J Reyez, Lydia Paek, KRNFX and The Chengman. Media attention gave her even more opportunities in videography with Toronto's underground urban scene knocking at her door. Since then, JulezLIVE has produced videos for Toronto Loves Kicks, Fashion Arts Toronto (F.A.T.), Beatbox Canada and Heartbeats T.O. just to name a few.

At only the tipping point of her career, JulezLIVE has big dreams and a big heart. She is serious about her work and that passion is undeniable from anyone who has had the pleasure of working with her. How she manages to keep going each and every day is through perseverance and through staying true to oneself; after all, it will never feel like work if you are doing what you love.



JulezLIVE is the best tweeter tweakin', volume-violating, crazy knob twistin' sista, that makes our heavy bass drop! Classic case of the syndrome, you killin' it Julez!!

Gary Goudini // SICK.SOUND.SYNDROME // Beatbox Canada


Julie aka JulezLIVE. I met her from working together at The Beat Down Competition. She was hired as the sound technician and we quickly became friends. She is a great sound engineer and is an excellent stage manager. She is reliable, down to earth and so easy to work with. Ever since then, whenever there is a Nu-Lite event, there is JulezLIVE, right there, doing her thing. Much love and respect to you Julie.

Sandra Truong // Nu-Lite Entertainment

We've had the privilege of working with JulezLIVE for many years. She's been nothing but professional, dedicated and enthusiastic about her work. Julez has done some great LIVE recordings for my band Undadogg and we love her!

Andrea Caruso // Undadogg

If I were to take a look back at everyone Toronto Loves Kicks has met in 2011, I would say hands down Julez would be one of the top hardest working females we have come across. Her passion is what separates her from the rest.

We live in a world full of social media and communicate via facebook, twitter, tumblers and smartphones, which are running the way people connect and network with throughout the globe. In an age where your word should hold mad weight, now your work ethic speaks volumes more than ever before.

She works hard and goes after what she wants. Julez is someone you can give direction to and she will paint the picture just as how you described it. Her skills, vision and timing in completing the work she is given are a true testament of her work ethic and belief in her skills.  What she says she will produce is in fact what she delivers. She is truly an asset to anyone's team as she has displayed at our previous events.

We look forward to working with her again.

Lee // Toronto Loves Kicks

I met Julie aka JulezLIVE through a friend when I was looking for a sound technician for my upcoming concert last December 2011. When I met her, the vibe was so light that I quickly got along with her. She is passionate about her work, reliable, and so easy to work with. I look forward to working with her again!
Cheers to JulezLIVE!!!!

Rei Ching // Starworx Media Entertainment and Productions